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March 25, 2014[INQ. NO. 1403C40] Ju-Eun Trading Co., Ltd. exports all its product to Japan – a worldwide leading seafood importer – and our main product is Pen Shells. It holds the exclusive sales right of Frozen Pen Shells to Japan, while accounting for 50% of total export of the Pen Shells Adductor Muscle to Japan. This market competitiveness comes from customers’ trust on our food and this is exactly what we are proud of. The Adductor Muscle of Pen Shells (frozen) is high quality premium food that has successfully passed a series of careful examinations by The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. It will be a key product in targeting Korean domestic market. It offers in different sizes, allowing customers to choose their preferred size according to their taste.

Pen Shells
Product Range:
1. The Adductor Muscle of Pen Shells (frozen) – Wrapped in package
2. The Adductor Muscle of Pen Shells (fresh)
3. Pen Shells (non-rid)
4. Pen Shells (half-rid)

Leading Brand: OMIOGA
Starting to be produced from June 2013, OMIOGA embraces the richness of nature and is the most representative brand of the Ju-Eun Trading Co., Ltd. It proudly serves the high-quality pen shells, fish, and frozen food. Its elaborate packaging clearly distinguishes itself from the other ordinary seafood products. The supreme quality of the OMIOGA together with its sensuous packaging will match customers’ visual expectation and satisfy their tastes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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