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April 24, 2014

Therapeutic[INQ. NO. 1404C31] GOODPL Inc. is a company specialized in producing physical therapeutic devices such as TENS, ICT, EMS and medical consumables. It has constantly devoted itself to developing and providing various kinds of brand new specialized equipment including physical therapeutic equipment, water pressure massage devices and rehabilitation equipment for the past 10 years.

With qualified products and excellent customer respond, the company has steadily grown in the Korea market, securing a long list of customers including more than 3,000 hospitals, clinics and Oriental clinics. It recorded sales amounted to almost US$6 million as of 2012. The company is working hard to reach new customers at home and abroad.

Therapeutic2GOODPL’s AQUA-BED is a therapeutic dry water massage system that helps in improving blood flow, increase metabolism and activating the lymphatic system, as well as loosening tight muscles and strengthening the connective tissue.

The dry-type massage machine allows you to receive massages fully dressed. With 6.3 bar water pressure at maximum and excellent thermal effect up to 50°C, the AQUA BED is effective in treating back related pain, muscle tightness, tissue weakness and mental & physical fatigue, so it fits perfectly into any hotel, spa or wellness center.

Main Features
– 6.3 bar water pressure – 2.4KW power consumption – Adjustable massage speed
– water temperature up to 50ºC – Automatic massage function – 5 massage patterns


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