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May 14, 2014

1405C07[INQ. NO. 1405C07] The eyes usually blink once every three seconds and are
in use for 16~18 hours a day. As fatigue accumulates in nerves, blood vessels and cellular tissue of muscles around the eyes due to air pollution, stress or various other factors including use of computers, cell phones, and TV-viewing, the muscles are cramped up and become tight, which in turn prevents tears and blood from circulating properly. If the circulation of tears improves, you can keep your eyes healthy.

That’s why Seodong Medical Co., Ltd. has come up with a new medical device for treatment of the dry eye under the brand name “NURIEYE-5800,” which provides air pressure massage and thermal massage function for fatigued and dry eyes. It has 15 different massage modes and a convenient LCD controller.

A paper about NURIEYE-5800 was published on British journal of Ophthalmology, one of the world’s most renowned medical journals as the name of “A randomized controlled trial comparing a thermal massager with artificial teardrops for the treatment of dry eye.”

Seodong Medical obtained certification of GMP and NURIEYE has been approved as medical equipment by KFDA and obtained IEC, the international electric and electromagnetic standards. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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