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May 14, 2014

1405C14[INQ. NO. 1405C14] NT Medi Co., Ltd. is engaged in developing and providing medical/rehab devices and robots based on intelligent robot technology. The company’s main products include NTScrub that supplies or returns scrub suits; Sbot that delivers medical samples, medical supplies and surgical tools autonomously by means of a mobile robot. In addition to these products, NT Medi strives to commercialize surgical robots and their training devices, power assist for daily life and rehabilitation, visualization/3D printing S/W for medical images.

Main products
RoboWear, wearable power assist robot, is to augment human muscular power by rotating motors embedded into a suit. Its purpose is to promote rehabilitation of the handicapped and to support daily life such as standing/walking/sitting for the elderly.

Meal assistive robot CareMeal is a dual-arm robot to support eating rice and food for the handicapped/patients/the elderly. It can control amount and speed of eating by a stick-type mouse easily.

CareHand helps rehabilitation of hands. It senses intention of hand motion and motivates rehabilitative behaviors of a patient. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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