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May 14, 2014

1405C08[INQ. NO. 1405C08] The “Mombrush” wireless device attaches to a toothbrush and uses various smartphone apps to encourage proper brushing techniques. The main purpose of Mombrush is to teach correct toothbrushing methods & changing toothbrushing habits of the all age groups by tooth brushing games. The Mombrush system comprises the Mombrush which transmits toothbrushing motion data and brushed tooth location wirelessly and the Mombrush Apps series.

The main characteristics of Mombrush are as follows:
– It teaches the user proper standard tooth brushing methods by showing 3D animation.
– It gives real-time feedback to the user during a toothbrushing game.
– It measures toothbrushing skill by detecting toothbrushing manners & locations.
– It provides respectively a brushing analysis report, a daily report, and a trend report automatically.
– It posts your toothbrushing data automatically to your Facebook timeline.

The effectiveness of Mombrush is as follows:
– It encourages intense interest in toothbrushing playing games.
– It teaches right toothbrushing method watching 3D animation.
– It measures toothbrushing skill for giving personalized feedback.
– It helps change toothbrushing habits by seven steps of habits modification. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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