Weight & Height Measuring Scale

1405C10http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1405C10] Since it was established in 1995, G-Tech International has been producing its own load cell by developing and manufacturing the industrial measuring system and health measuring system.

Based on those technologies, it is engaged in developing not only industrial measuring systems and agriculture & livestock farming systems, but also bio healthcare and high-tech sensors and similar equipment. KIKER Series GL-300 is a specially designed weight & height measuring scale for children. It is all available with one set (weight, height, sitting height, obesity level), You can use a normal chair when measuring sitting height.

With an eye-catching color and design, it features convenient swivel & detachable display and exclusive mini printer (optional). It is easy to move and install.

Weight Range: 10 kg ~99 kg (Graduation: 50 g), 100 kg ~150 kg (Graduation: 100 g)
Height Range: 60 cm ~150 cm (Graduation: 1 mm), 30 cm ~120 cm (Sitting Height Range)
Power supply (Adaptor) Input: AC 110~240V, 50/60 Hz Output: DC 15V, 850 mA
Power consumption: 35W
Output contents: weight, height, standard weight, BMI, obesity rate (%), obesity type
Input: Method four-keypads Interface RS-232C (optional)

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