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May 16, 2014

[INQ. NO. 1405C19]
Ilshim Global Co., Ltd. is the Korean manufacturer of window cleaning robot “WINDORO,” which is operated in tandem with two modules: inner and the outside portions. The inside module works as the navigation unit and the outside module cleans using the spinning microfiber pads.

People just need to open the window that is needed for cleaning and attach WINDORO on both sides of window. Once WINDORO is attached press the button on top of the machine. WINDORO will then automatically wipe the glass clean.

Thanks to the device’s smart end signal and automatic return, a user will be alarmed by a beep from the machine, after WINDORO will then return to its initial spot of attachment.

The magnetic force is controlled by the magnetic sensor, and it cleans windows with a wide range of thickness varying from 5~15mm or 16~28mm.

The robot will remain tightly attached to the window whether or not the power has been turned off. It consists of two modules that fit excellently on opposite sides of the window and hold each other using permanent magnets. The combination of a precise amount of detergent spray and the spinning microfiber pads clean the window perfectly.

The microfiber pad with Velcro tape can be conveniently detached and re-applied after washing. (For perfect cleaning of a dirty window, clean the window repeatedly after changing pads.) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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