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July 14, 2014

Plank-Type Steel Gratings

Compared with ordinary welded metal bar gratings, Shinwon M.S Co.’s plank-type steel gratings have an one-body steel frame. So, they are light and extremely strong, almost free from deformation and rupture. With sharply reduced welding spots, they are far more price-competitive than existing products. They have much more refined design and are equipped with anti-pilferage and swing-type opening/closing devices. Having embossed protuberances, they offer anti-slip function. Their built-in elastic plates bring about noise-preventing effect.


Press Die Tools

Armed with technological know-how accumulated over the past 22 years, Shinwon M.S Co. has actively supplied press die tool sets for electronic products, such as LEDs, LCDs and PDPs, and automotive parts both at home and abroad. Among its major customers are Samsung Electronics, Delphi Inida, ATA TOYO India and VISTEON India.


More Details

  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Since its establishment in 1993, Shinwon M.S Co. has focused its efforts on the production of press die tool sets for electronic products like LCDs, LEDs and PDPs and automotive parts such as radiators. Based on its long-accumulated technologies in the press die fields, the company has recently put on the market internationally-patented steel gratings.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Highly reputed for its cutting-edge technologies in the press die fields, Shinwon M.S Co. has supplied its products internationally renowned companies such as Samsung Electronics and Delphi. The company can meet any intricate small orders for diverse items with a shortest delivery lead time. It has recently entered the limelight by releasing world’s first steel gratings that completely solve shortcomings of previous products.
  • With ISO 9001 international certification, Shinwon M.S Co. has acquired international patents for the designs and production technologies related with its new steel gratings and trenches.
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