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All in one snail repair cream

http://korean-products.com/inquiry All in one snail repair cream-Not only does it contain considerable amount of snail mucous ultrfiltrate, but also has the multi-function formula which has been certified for its functionality.
Due to the upgrading of the vitality ingredients, it has become stronger. This means that it can accommodate a comprehensive range of skin problems. It contains 92% of snail mucous ultrifiltrate ingredient and comes in a pack of 75ml.



Snail Repair Blemish Balm-This is a type of BB cream, with 45% content of snail ultrfiltrate mucous added. It comes it 50ml pack and is effective for wrinkle treatment, whitening, ultraviolet ray protection and it is a certified functional product. From blemish stains and blemishs to dull skin colors, Mizons’ products can provide effective solutions.

More Details

  • Brand : Mizon
  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • This company is an all-around success story from care to beauty resulting in aesthetic creativity. It was started with only five researchers. The Mizon creative beauty wrap is based on solid skin science knowledge R&D brand. Through creation of beautiful innovation, similar space has been shared which enabled the launching of Mizon creative beauty wrap. This product could only have been made possible by solid R&D activities like the launching of the first local CC cream. If the product did not possess a strong product-base, one could not experience its beauty. Some of its features are non-irritant simplicity, minimunized product steps and one-touch care.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • The five researchers all came from leading cosmetics companies. With the skills they brought with them, the aesthetic beauties of Mizon cosmetics were made possible. The creative beauty wrap encompasses the passions, dreams and visions of Mizon based on advanced technical features. This mind-set has enabled the creation of many upper-end technical features.
    Through minimizing the rash and other side-effects, the beauty of Mizon’s products were maximized. Moreover, the customers can enjoy the beauty of Mizon by participating in its R&D development and its services.
  • As mentioned, five researchers with passion for providing upper-end cosmetics to the customers are the key achievements of the company. Not only are that, for each of its products, there are various high-level of specialists dealing with the development of the products.

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