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T-Bridge is a two-wire, high-speed network device, including two-wire copper line modem. The product material is metal, and this equipment was developed by Maxit Inc. to receive the certification of conformity by EC. The product enables high-speed data transmission through telephone cables. Besides telephone cables, any types of copper cables such as coaxial cables, speaker cables, and UTP cables can be applied. T-Bridge can save network construction cost dramatically by using the existing copper cables already wired.


Intelligent Fire Detection System

Any Fire, the intelligent fire detection system developed by Maxit Inc. is a disaster detector equipped with sensor, CCTV for surveillance. The product is low-cost and highly efficient unmanned fire alert system. Solar power may be used without any other power, and wired / wireless communication is realized to transmit data in high-speed. In the case of fire, intruders are detected to alert the alarm, and the event image can be stored for securement.


Vehicle Detection System

Any Vehicle is a vehicle detection system with a vehicle detection magnetic sensor replacing the loop sensor. The highly reliable magnetic field signal analysis algorithm is built-in, and the wide inductance range allows for use with wide variety of magnetic found in the traffic control industry. The separate channel for detection and alarm enable quick installation and proper operation. The maximum detection boundary is 2.5 meters (optimal at 2 meters).


More Details

  • Brand : Any Line / Any Fire / Any Vehicle
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company


  • Since establishment in 2009, Maxit Inc. is dedicated to providing highly efficient solution and level of engineering to assure customers of user-friendly design, reliable products, completed installation for stable system establishment and support for efficient management expenses by total engineering, transmission, optical communication, security and control products. Main businesses of Maxit Inc. are ubiquitous sensor network platform, U-fire detection system, Any Line products, emergency call products, and system integration.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Maxit Inc. leads in technology innovation and continuous R&D. In 2009, the company was certified as a venture company based on the technology expertise, and partnerships are made with many companies such as ERICOm of Israel, PC & Denphone of Japan for mutual cooperation and win-win.
  • Maxit Inc. was appointed HIT500 by the Korea Small & Medium Business Administration and acquired patent on several technologies and products, such as MI-200 and on disaster prevention. Also, products by Maxit Inc. are certified as KCC and CE. Based on the technology & know-how, Maxit Inc. was appointed as sub-company of national R&D projects by the Korea Small & Medium Business Administration.

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