High-quality and Cost-saving KASS Oil Purifier (OCS Series)

High-quality and Cost-saving KASS Oil Purifier (OCS Series)

The demand for customer satisfaction have been more challenging than ever, and products for more effectiveness and cost reduction are in demand. KASS Oil Purifier, OCS Series, are taking up of challenges in order to maximize customer satisfaction through innovation. OCS Series are bypass type oil purifiers that independently purifies oil with the independent built-in pump within the oil purifier. It has been used widely as a built-in and portable type on all equipment without any loss of pressure whatsoever. The product can be applied as a portable unit on all equipment that use hydraulic oil, and uses cellulose material with powerful absorption. The purchase of a single unit of OCS Type can be used for many different machines, reducing the cost.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry For over 20 years, Sung Kyung Co., LTD has been accumulating technological capabilities in the area of hydraulic machines, which are the key equipment in industrial fields. The products developed by Sung Kyung are not only cost-saving, but also reduces energy consumption and improves the operation rate and machine efficiency by reducing the friction of the machine. Products are exported to more than 20 countries.


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