High-speed network device Any Line T-Bridge

High-speed network device Any Line T-Bridge

Any Line T-Bridge, developed through the technology of MaxIT, stands for “Telephone Line Communication, which enables high speed data transmission through telephone cables. Because telephone cables, any types of copper cables such as coaxial cables, speaker cables, and UTP cables can be applied. T-Bridge can save network construction cost dramatically as it can utilize existing copper cables already wired.

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The maximum data transmission speed is 300Mbps, and the maximum transmission distance is 1.2km. The product includes two-wires, high-speed network device, including two-wire copper line modem. T-Bridge can be applied to various areas such as for IP CCTV installation, video Ad system, vessel network, power plants and factories.

MaxIT Co., LTD was established in 2009 to be certified by the Korean government as an innovative venture company, and based on the technology expertise, partnerships are made with various world-wide companies such as ERICOm of Israel, PC & Denphone of Japan for mutual cooperation and win-win. Through technology innovation and continuous R&D, MaxIT is acknowledged of its excellence by being appointed as HIT500, acquiring patents, and certified as KCC and CE.

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