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August 19, 2014 [INQ. NO. 1408C11] Newbadas is the only cypress oil extract manufacturer in Korea with a patented cypress oil and water extraction technique. There are many companies in Korea that manufacture cypress oil extract products but many of them have lower purity and chemical substances due to lesser technology.

Newbadas, however, adopted technological skills for extracting cypress oil from Jeonnam Agricultural Research and Technology Center and uses the patented ‘water vapor distillation apparatus directional refinery’ to extract oil from the plant. With the cypress oil extract, the company is working on developing and producing a wide variety of products such as air fresheners and deodorants, and a forest bathing device.

1408C11 The Cypress oil extract-based products contain phytoncide providing the following health benefits:
– Relieving stress hormone (cortisol) in a short period
– Fatigue recovery by inducing deep sleep
– Showing a powerful antibiotic power on legionellas, salmonellae
– Excellent in removing formaldehyde, VOCs
– Improving cold, nasal inflammation, and asthma.
– Improving chronic sleep trouble, breathing problems
– Proving antifungal and fungicide effectiveness on MRSA | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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