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August 19, 2014

[INQ. NO. 1408C39] Cheong Maesil Pogi Kimchi
By adding maesil fruits to kimchi, the special pogi kimchi features much fresher taste for a long time due to maesil’s various nutritional contents. In particular, the rich content of calcium inside maesil serves to keep kimchi crisp without going sour for a long time. The maesil kimchi is manufactured with 100% locally produced agricultural and marine ingredients, including cabbage, red pepper powder, salted shrimp, garlic and fermented anchovy sauce. You can enjoy the genuine Korean taste just like what housewives make at home for their family.


Daap Maeyul Farming Association
Daap Maeyul Farming Association is a maesil (Korean green plum) company that manufactures and exports maesil undiluted solution, condensed liquid, maesil pickles and other tasty maesil products. The union is made up of six maesil farms in Maehwa Village, South Jeolla Province in Korea. The farm association only uses green plums that are organically cultivated and harvested between early and late June at its union members’ own plum tree farms. The annual yield of green plums reaches about 70 tonnes.

Since it launched its brand “Maesil Plus” in 2002, Daap’s green plum extract and condensed liquid products have constantly expanded its market base both in domestic and foreign markets.

The company also received numerous prizes, including a gold prize for its Cheong Maesil pogi kimchi in the Kimch Expo in 2007. It was also designated as a Korean Traditional Food company from the Korea Food Research Institute in 2007 and 2012, respectively.

With quality management system certifications (KS Q ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 9001:2008), Daap is currently active in exporting to overseas markets, including the USA and Canada.

The company will continue striving to always satisfy customers’ expectations by developing and delivering the very best products.

Maesil Plus Maesil One (plum undiluted solution)
DaapMaeyul only uses plums that are organically cultivated and harvested between early and late June from its own plum tree orchard, located in the Maehwa Village near to Seomjin River and Baegunsan Mountain.

Made by using a traditional preservation method handed down for generations and a two-year natural ripening process, the plum undiluted solution “Maesil Plus Maesil One” features maesil’s unique sour taste and rich flavor, and it is totally free from colorings and preservatives.


– Maesil tea: It can be enjoyed as a tea by diluting maesil liquid with warm or cool water by the ratio of 5(water):3(maesil liquid).
– Yogurt for kids: you can also make yogurt by mixing the maesil liquid with milk at the ratio of 1:4.
– Maesil solution can be used to make savory dressings, sauce or marinade
– You can enjoy it for cocktail by adding the maesil liquid in alcoholic beverage. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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