LED Electric Toothbrush for Teeth and Oral Cavity

Procare LED Electric Toothbrush

The Procare LED Electric Toothbrush maintains the effect of massage on gums of existing electric toothbrush and functions of sterilization, organism activation, and whitening by attaching functional LED in the front of the toothbrush hair. Frequency of body cell at 4 MHz is added to the red and white LED and high brightness of 3,000 mCd is also enabled to maximize the effect. The Procare LED Electric Toothbrush removes bad smell, prevent decayed tooth and gums bleeding, improve tooth sensitivity and blood circulation in gums, and provide whitening effect.

Procare-LED-Electric-Toothbrush http://korean-products.com/inquiry Also, the removal of tongue fur, plague are enabled, and the freshness inside the mouth after the tooth brushing lasts. For the functions of the LED electric toothbrush, the red LED, the light near infrared rays is useful in treating injury on skin, cut part, and scar caused by the burn, and improves tooth sensitivity and blood circulation. The white LED treats acne by anti-inflammation against bacteria of thick skin layer which causes skin trouble. This creates oxygen to function as whitening. For those with tooth sensitivity, bleeding from gums, and also for those wishing to have white teeth, severe tongue fur and bad smell, the Procare LED Electric Toothbrush is highly recommended.


More Details

  • Brand : Procare
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Procare Co., LTD was established in 2010, through the invention and patent acquired from the application of LED to the electric toothbrush. After applying for the patent on the LED electric toothbrush, the product has been developed and manufactured to satisfy the customer’s needs, and the products are supplied not only domestically, but also exported to foreign countries. Moreover, Procare Co., LTD manufacture various medical aid equipment and electric, electronic products, including the electric toothbrush with LED, hair drier, and other related products. Through these innovative development of products, the company had been designated as the innovative venture company by the Korea government.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Procare Co., LTD specializes on the development oral care products, and especially through the invention of the LED electric toothbrush, the innovative technology had been acknowledged domestically and internationally. Through these innovative inventions, domestic and international patents, including the PCT was registered and acquired, and the products are exported to several countries, including the US, and France.
  • Procare Co., LTD registered and acquired several patents, including the patent for the application of LED to the electric toothbrush, and the electric toothbrush, brush assembly and the manufacturing method of brush assembly. Also, many designs have been registered for the products. Moreover, Procare Co., LTD acquired international standards including the ISO 9001 and the CE certification to meet the international customer’s specifications and requirements.

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