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September 2, 2014

Scarf Fabric Scarf fabric is an accessory adding beauty to the woman’s overall look.

The scarf fabric is produced not only through yarn-dyed, but also through raw materials, after being dyed with colors for a more elegant and dignified look. Then, the desired shapes are printed on the fabric for enhanced elegance.


Suit Fabric

Suit-Fabric Yarn-dyed fabric is produced using not only silk but also various materials such as cotton, rayon, wool and polyester. The yarn-dyed fabric used for suit is recognized worldwide as a world-class product and light-weight. Depending on the processing method, it may be produced waterproof with ventilation effect, coating, and volume for a smooth touch. The production of men’s and women’s suits and dresses are of Jacquard and Dobby fabric.

More Details

  • Brand(Model) : Shinwha
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Shinwha Silk Co., LTD was established in 2007, with over 50 years of accumulated know-how and experiences by the founder. The company has invested in advanced high-speed looms that are capable of producing high-precision products to produce high-quality differentiated textile. As such, it is drawing much attention from the Korean silk industry. Textile manufactured by Shinwha Silk Co., LTD are sold worldwide, including in the US, Japan, and China. Through continuous developments on new materials and to improve the quality, the company had steadily grown to the listed, and acquired several companies to improve the productivity and technology. The products developed and manufactured by Shinwha Silk Co., LTD include necties, fabric for suits, and scarfs.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • As the development of new materials for textile requires lot of time and big investment, Shinwha Silk Co., LTD continued the research in developing new materials from the start. Due to these efforts, Shinwha Silk Co., LTD was able to become the leading company in the silk industry not only domestically, but also internationally in short period of time. Unlike China, who claims low labor cost is its advantage, Shinwha Silk Co., LTD focuses on producing differentiated, high-quality products. As a result, the high-precision silk textile for suits and neckties are recognized worldwide as the top-class products.
  • Shinwha Silk Co., LTD focuses on the development of new materials to meet the customer needs and to increase the quality of the products. To enable this, the company is continuously putting efforts to upgrade the facilities by acquiring and merging companies. Facilities are managed to ensure the best quality products to the customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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