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October 22, 2014

[Serial No. 2012-B-119]

Biohealth world have steadily exported to more than 20 countries our 50 kinds of products applying far infra-red rays and negative ions for 20 years. Bio Health World’s products features would like to develop and supply health products that can recover health for people and make them lead their healthy lives. Our company is going to complete a new medical instrument factory at Pochen, Gyeonggido in July 2008 to mass-produce the chairs for treatment of the spine, and is planning to produce and supply organic germanium products, together with publication of a thesis on cancer resistance of organic germanium.

Electric-heat-Therapy-Chair-Massagerhttp://korean-products.com/inquiryElectric heat Therapy Chair Massager “Black Light”: Black Light is a handy medical device. Unlike thermotherapy devices that you should lie down while using it, you may sit to easily apply it. Even physically handicapped people can use Black Light on seats, instead of lying down.

Thermotherapy: It relieves fatigue on muscles around the spine rapidly by emitting strong far infrared ray ranging from 40 to 70°C. Acupressure: It relaxes muscles with powerful acupressure in accordance with the user’s weight. Spine treatment: It stretches the spine straight by relieving stiff muscles by emitting heat. Functional Lingerie “SlimingWear”: The lingerie itself is specially designed by special seamless knitting technique.

Our body is apt to adopt itself by outer condition. This lingerie makes the body tight and holds it and so the body muscle is tended to shape up and it is easy for food control and bio and negative ion helps for slimming effect as well.

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