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Sheet-type Mask Pack

The sheet-type mask pack is a facial essence sheet mask of sealed packing after face-shaped sheets soaked with make-up liquid. Because sheet-type mask pack efficiently transfers effective components of cosmetics to the skin, the skin changes after the application immediately, and there is no extra need to wash the face. on the sheet fabric, contents, packing film shape and packing method, the product can be diversified.

AG Skin Lab provides various types and shapes according to the customer’s requirements. The manufacturing process of the sheet-type mask pack is fabric, molding, folding, envelope insertion, sterilization, filling and packaging.



The pad-type mask produced by AG Skin Lab are cucumber and orange pad, remover pad and oil control film. The cucumber and orange pad is a beauty aid pad which performs the functions of relaxing, cooling, easing and distressing for the tired eyes and skin. The pad-type masks feels like a real sliced cucumbers and oranges applied to the skin, and the fragrance creates aromatherapy effect.

Mask---PadDepending on the packaging type, the product can be diversified into a pouch of 2 sheets, zipper bag of 10 sheets, and a container of 24 or 36 sheets. The remover pad is a circular non-woven fabric soaked in remover liquid to remove make-up or manicure. Depending on the content, the product can be diversified into a eye make-up remover pad and nail polish remover pad. Lastly, the oil control film is used by simply pressing the product down softly on a face to visually remove the excessive sebum and oil under the skin. The make-up is not stained with no irritation, and always maintains clean skin. 3M film is used for excellent absorption. In order to make it easy for carriage, packaging is slim, and the design is made to enable the pick one sheet at a time.

More Details

  • Brand : AG Skin Lab
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • AG Skin Lab Co., LTD was established in 2011, and specializes in cosmetics research, design, development and manufacture. AG Skin Lab provides total service, from brand naming to design and product manufacture. Also, customer review and consulting is provided to the customers for total service and satisfaction. As the specialized OEM and ODM company in cosmetics, AG Skin Lab produces skincare, make-up, hair & body care, and mask pack products. Products developed and produced by AG Skin Lab are exported worldwide, to Hong Kong, USA, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran Turkey, Taiwan, Latvia, Mongolia and Russia.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Since the establishment in 2001, AG Skin Lab focused on the research and development, and the production of high-quality products. Through these efforts, AG Skin Lab is continuously releasing new concepts, designs and products for the cosmetic line-up. According to the customer’s requirements, products are custom-made for full satisfaction.
  • AG Skin Lab was designated by the Korean government as the innovative venture company, and is enlisted in the Korean Trade Association. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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