Second Battery Assembly Machine


DA Technology

Second Battery Assembly Machine

[INQ. NO. 1411C10] DA Technology (, headed by Mr. Park Myoung-kwan, was awarded the 64th Trader of the Month in recognition its recent achievements in the global markets.

DA Technology, founded in May 2010, originally supplied only FPD cleaner equipment but has since expanded into the second battery assembly equipment business. In 2007, the company succeeded in domestically producing rectangular fillers that were previously imported, being followed by notching machines in 2009 and folding machines in 2010. By succeeding in commercializing the core processes of polymer assembly, its business in the second battery assembly machine moved into high gear.

The company’s core products – notching machines and folding machines – boast the world’s fastest production speed and price competitiveness, compared with foreign-made machines. Based on the experience gained from development and production of the notching machines and folding machines, DA Technology now provides automated assembly equipment not only for polymer batteries, but also all kinds of batteries, including circular and square type batteries. Through continuous technology innovation, the company has archived performance improvement of its existing machines by 10 percent every year.


DA Technology has started to advance into the global markets, including China, Japan and the USA as it established a branch in Nanjing, China in April this year. In 2013, the company received the $10 million Export Tower award. The exports accounted for about 50 percent of the company’s revenues as of 2013, and the proportion is expected to increase.

The company’s revenue is estimated at about US$40.7 million this year.

DA Technology is set to be listed on KOSDAQ this year, which will give the company an opportunity to take a leap forward. It passed screening in preparation for going public on the KOSDAQ and the initial public offering (IPO) is now in progress.

DA Technology, which set up its in-house R&D center in 2004, continues to double its efforts in developing new products and enhancing core competence of its products. As result of these efforts, it acquired 15 patents with over three patents pending.

Thanks to all of these efforts, about 87 percent of its revenues come from abroad.

The company expects that its business will continue to enjoy stronger growth, as the second battery business, the company’s core business is expanding market base particularly in the mobile industry, coupled with the anticipated demand increase in the electric car sector.

As a specialized company of second battery assembly machines, DA Technology has been gearing up to make full use of the opportunities in the fast-growing markets of electric cars, fuel cells and energy storage system, taking another leap forward as a major company in the field. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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