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March 16, 2015

[INQ. NO. 1503C24] Towels are one of the most essential personal items that come in direct contact with your skin on a daily basis. Therefore, keeping towels hygienic is a basic step for skincare – especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Microfiber-Towels http://korean-products.com/inquiry That’s why a Korean company launched its highly functional “Cream Towel” made by using ultrafine microfiber and Photocatalytic coating technique.

The thickness of ultrafine microfiber is finer than 1/100 of human hair, and it prevents dust mites, the primary cause of atopic dermatitis from permeating and thriving on the surface. In addition, the microfibers contain myriad micro spaces with numerous benefits, compared with cotton. They absorb and evaporate water better than cotton and they provide an exceptionally soft touch.

Just like its name, the microfiber Cream Towel features the extra softness without need to use a fabric conditioner.

Microfiber-Towels_1 In addition, the functional towel protects skin due to the superior ability of photocatalysis to destroy a wide range of harmful germs. The photocatalytic process is well recognized for the removal of organic pollutants through reactions of light and moisture in the air. And the antibacterial towel preserves the sterilizing effect that is form in the photocatalytic process for long periods of time after doing laundry.

Microfiber-Towels_2 Using ultrafine microfiber, the volume of the towel is smaller than 1/3 of traditional cotton towels. The compact size and fast drying quality are perfect for travelers as they provide easy storage and convenience, unlike other towels that are simply too bulky to carry around easily.

The microfiber towels come in various sizes and fashionable patterns, and types of towel include hand towels, face towels and bath towels.


You can use the anti-bacterial and soft touch towels anytime anywhere, not just after a bath. They can be used to wrap your kids for warmth and comfort or can be used as a blanket to protect your sensitive skin at an accommodation room while going on a trip.

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