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June 2, 2015

[INQ. NO. 1505C04] Some studies have found that if pedestrians in dark clothing at night use a safety reflector, up to 90 percent of risk of the nighttime pedestrian accidents could be reduced.

“I’m Here” is a bracelet type safety reflector applying the high-intensity reflective sheet. Being highly reflected in the glare of the sun or car’s headlights, (3~4 times more than high intensity reflective effect of standard reflective sheet), the reflective bracelet, just like its name, makes pedestrians visible at distances so that drivers can slow down or stop.

High-intensity-Reflective-Safety-Bracelethttp://korean-products.com/inquiry The prominent day and night time visibility of the reflective bracelet will keep adults, children and cyclists highly visible and safer during nighttime activities just by wearing it on their clothing and bag. Or you can use it for your bag and a baby carriage.

High-intensity-Reflective-Safety-Bracelet_1 With a sleek design, I am Here can be always used as a fashion accessories .

With excellent durability, the length of the bracelet is adjustable. The one-touch buckle bracelet is also simple to wear.

– Size: 15~23cm -Colors: Blue/White
For more information about the product, please contact via email: sales@gimic.co.kr or visit the manufacturer’s website (www.playring.co.kr)

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