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June 29, 2015

[INQ. NO. 1506C11] 1460 is a premium salt brand. The impurities and bitterns have been purified, while the salt retains core ingredients necessary to a healthy human body. The 1460 salt is made by roasting the highest grade of Korean sun-dried salt in a specially developed ceramic kiln of 180℃ temperatures for more than eight hours in a traditional way. During the manufacturing process, the 1460 absorbs the far infrared energy from the ceramic kiln, so it demonstrates a 91.1% of far infrared emanation rate.

Premium-Salt And, the brand name “1460” refers to 1,460 days or the ripening period of four years. According to the Korean Food and Nutrition Course Academic Journal (Vol. 40, No.7), a ripening period of more than four years is ideal for producing good-quality salt.

Based on the scientific data, the 1460 salts go through natural aging process for 1,460 days to make salt of the highest quality. After the ripening, the salts go through grinding and sorting for different products.

Main features of 1460 salt

1. The traditional roasted salt is a bittern evaporated salt made with hot-air drying. The 1460, on the other hand, undergoes differentiated processes such as removal of heavy metals, supply of far infrared energy and others.

2. Complete elimination of the impurities and bitterns: The Cheonilyeom (sun-dried sea salt) is representative salt in Korea. To eliminate the impurities and bitterns, this Cheonilyeom must be used after the minimum four years of aging. Before 2011, the Korean government had only permitted refined salt without bitterns and sulfur containing compounds. However, this 99.9% refined salt is pure sodium chloride (NaCI). So it increases the salt absorption rate in the human body and it can be agglomerated by water absorption. For this reason, some companies are using refined salts after the addition of minerals like calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, iodine and others. However, these additional minerals can detract from the purity of the salt. The 1460 was thus developed using specialized processes in order to maintain the natural benefits of the Cheonilyeom while removing the impurities and bitterns.

3. Conservation of the necessary minerals: General Cheonilyeom has about 10 to 15 percent bitterns, including impurities. Because of this, an aging period of at least 4 years is necessary for complete elimination. With the refined salt, all impurities and bitterns are eliminated by chemical processes or are hyperthermia-treated. Unfortunately, the essential minerals needed by the human body are also eliminated in the process. The 1460 thus strikes a balance by eliminating all impurities and bitterns, but retaining the necessary minerals for the human body with the special care and expertise. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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