Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1507C30] ARIBIO Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 to develop new medicines. Our goal is to develop innovative new medicine to give hope to patients and improve quality of life. ARIBIO is mainly involved in developing medicines for obstinate disease, rare disease, and personal vitamins with own independent technical skills. We use NASA’s Bioreactor with exclusive right to culture components for cosmetics products. Lastly, by scientific clinical demonstration, we develop functional water processing products and health care products. ARIBIO provides high standard products in cosmetics, medicine, drinking water, and health care products for a bett er world.

Cosmetics Black Terapi CM (Aureobasidium pullulans SM2001): Black Terapi Cm is cultural filtrate of Black Yeast (Aureobasidium pullulans SM2001). It not only increases fi broblast cell numbers, but also activates the mobilization of fi broblast cells to aged and damaged areas of skin, which stimulates skin regeneration. It also improves hydration and elasticity of skin and helps to relieve skin irritation and problems by maintaining clearness of skin.

NASA’s Bioreactor for Black Terapi CM: Bioreactor system generates 3D bio-molecules in microgravity conditions. By using NASA’s bioreactor for cultivation of Black yeast, it reduces sheer stress and consequently, causes no damage to the cells. We have the exclusive right to use NASA’s Bioreactor for cosmetics products. Therefore, we developed Black Terapi CM with it.

Certifi ed Space Technology Products by Space Foundation.: Black Terapi CM is certifi ed by the Space Foundation in June 2012 as Space Technology. Our product was dedicated to The Hall of Fame that honors best technologies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods