Diagnostic Kit

“ImmuneMed Leptospira Rapid” tests the antibodies against Leptospira in the patient’s plasma, serum or blood using Lateral Flow ImmunoChromatographic Assay. After applying diluted serum, plasma or blood onto the hole of testing device, for IgM, patient`s sample first react with gold conjugated anti-human IgM antibody and for IgG, with gold conjugated protein A. After that, each reactant diffuses on the membrane to the recombinant antigens marked as test lines. If positive, the test line turns to red color because antigen-antibody-gold conjugate complex is formed on the test lines. AFI(Acute Febrile Illness) is urgently required accurate differential early diagnosis and proper therapy against different causative microorganisms with similar clinical symptoms. This Leptospira Rapid provides not only rapid diagnosis of Leptospirosis among AFI but also sensitive detection of each IgM and IgG antibody simultaneously. Furthermore, this kit is easy to handle and provides rapid interpretation of the result with no equipment. In addition, this kit is useful for the follow up study and the estimation of reinfection and residual antibody.


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