Ion water Shower & Mist Containing Colloidal Gold

Magic Ion Kathano is an equipment producing colloidal silver (water contains silver ions) which can be used on a daily basis. Based on the quantity of modules, three models (an economic, a medium and a premium model) are available. Colloidal silver has special capability of cleaning, sterilization & antibacterial. By installing this at your bathroom, your skin will be healthier & beautiful. By using this at your kitchen, your family will be much healthier & free from any food poisoning.

Ion-water-Shower-&-Mist-Containing-Colloidal-Gold Animis is a premium pure mist & toner containing Colloidal gold, which is ionized 99.99% gold with the patented technology to deep sea natural bedrock water, and natural rose water.

Since the cluster of water becomes extremely small during the Colloidal gold ionizing process, this water is absorbed into your skin very fast and keeps your skin moisturizing much longer (for about 6 hours). Due to sterilization effect of ions inside the mist, italso helps protect and soothe your skin. Since it is no chemical additives such as preserved agent and artifi cial colors, anyone with even a sensitive skincan use the mist. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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