MTB & Road Bike Cleat Shoes

Founded in 1998, R-Tech is a major provider of MTB cleat shoes and pedals that has continuously accumulated technologies and improved product quality, based on its rich experience in the development and production of bike shoes, cycling shoes, road bike shoes, mountain bike shoes, cleat shoes, pedals and cleat pedals. Exclusive features of MTB Cleat Shoes “Cleex”
– Substantially lighter pedal (200g), boasting the lightest weight
– One-stop attachment and detachment makes them easy to wear and install.
– Dedicated cleat shoes prevent falling down and offer low risk of accidents.
– No discomfort in walking thanks to a wearing sensation like general running shoes
– Universal design for easy use by general users rather than special shoes for experts
– The minimum distance from the pedal shaft to the sole optimizes the transmission of force.

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