Skincare System “Dr. Oracle Dermasys”

Based on Oracle dermatologist research and study, Oracle Cosmetic has found the best systematic skin care solution that helps to take care of the skin more effectively. It is upgraded skin care system that makes your skin more beautiful and healthy. Hyaluronic Aqua microfiber: Made by using Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and Microfiber fabric, it is for deep moisturizing. It gives plenty of moisture and helps to prevent dehydration by environment matter.

Tea tree pore calming microfiber: Made by using Tea Tree, Witch Hazel and Microfiber fabric, it is for calming and soothing. It has instant soothing effect and takes care of enlarged pore.

Collagen lift- Upmicrofiber: Made by using Collagen, peptide and Microfiber fabric, it is for firming and lifting. It offers elasticity and tightening effect, also skin regeneration.

Multi- Vita Bright microfiber: Made by using Multi- Vitamin, Winter Green and Microfiber fabric, it is for giving nutrition as well as whitening and glowing effect. Multi vitamin also helps to evens the skin tone and delays the aging process.

Royal snail Essence hydrogel: This high-concentration of snail gel provides hydration and nutrition to regeneration the skin cell. The hydrogel has excellent contact force into skin.

Gold Propolis essence hydrogel: With Centella Asiatica, Hydrogel and high-concentration of propolis, it controls the excessive sebum while calming and soothing your skin .

Hyaluronic Aqua BB Cream: With Hyaluronic and Aloe, it gives plenty of hydration into skin. It forms moisture barrier and has natural coverage to look healthy and glow.

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