Baby Clothes & Bedding Naturally Colored with Persimmon Extract

[INQ. NO. 1508C11] Blue Eye Leiports specializes in children’s clothes, bedding and fabric items using the company’s developed textile called GAMECO. Made by naturally coloring jacquard fabric with persimmon extract without using artificial chemicals, GAMECO has antibiotic and insect-proof qualities and it does not cause any skin problems so that it is good for people with sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis. In particular, the tannin inside persimmon makes textile naturally breathable and anti-ultraviolet. The textile also does not easily develop odors, and the color becomes all the more naturally clear after washing.

Baby-Clothes-&-Bedding-Naturally-Colored-with-Persimmon-Extract Among many fabric items using its GAMECO, Giraffe Cushion is a lovely full-length pillow that supports the legs, or something that a kid can hug when sleeping. The head of the Giraffe Cushion is filled with cypress tree that can help one have a good night’s sleep.

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