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[INQ. NO. 1508C04] SMART HOLDER is a smartphone holder for a car. It is folded like a small mouse before using, so drivers can secure front view and can maintain cleanliness inside environment of a car. When you use it, the holder can be raised automatically by pressing the pop-up button and it is very convenient. The SMART HOLDER can be rotated by 360-degrees and hold various kinds of smartphones. After using, it will be folded automatically if you take down the holder.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry MULTI STAND is a smart stand that can fi rmly hold up an iPad, a laptop, a book and so forth, allowing you to keep a correct posture while using them with the following features:

– Unique and transformative design: there are so many functions. The stopper and tilt support are embedded in the body, making the stand compact. And, there are no protruding parts, enabling it to be easily put in a bag.
– Easy to carry: MULTI STAND weighs 250g with the dimension of 240mm x 77mm. It is easy to carry with comfortable grip feeling. Thickness of 14mm causes no difficulty in putting it in a bag. Made quality aluminum, it provides lightweight and durability.


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