Natural Posture Training System (NPT system)

These days, not only senior has suffered from joint disease or nerve disorder but young people has visited hospital to check how their body has been damaged due to wrong posture or eating habits in their daily life. As the number of patients who are related to the disease mentioned above is getting larger, the rehabilitation equipment or facility is becoming popular. Marpe Co. has developed D&E (Diagonosis&Evaluation) system that provides convenient functions such as static&dynamic measurement and user’s measurement history management. This system provides 4 different customized systems based on customer’s health condition with global language option to choose.

Power Sling System and Veloz Sling System relatively consist of small size of components – few pieces of holder, rope and elastic. It can not only provide a lot of services such as manual therapy, muscle strengthening, aerobics and weight training but prevents disease from musculoskeletal damages or nervous system problem through safe and convenient accessories by being installed on the ceiling.


Physical Training System has larger and more components than other two systems. It contains pulley system for soft axis movements so various manual and exercise therapy are possible when 3 power slings and a cervical suspension pulley attached each other. Also, it can easily find neutral zone as do manual therapy to make gravity decreased through total body support. This system is applicable for the patients with stroke, frozen shoulder, spine damage, degenerative arthritis and etc


About Company
Marpe Co. has developed musculoskeletal system, nervous system, sports rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise for geriatric rehabilitation with their physical therapists and medical professors who have studied over 15 years. Their main product NPT system is the advanced country treatment system of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation therapy through accurate diagnosis, measures, and evaluation. It is now exported to many rehab center as well as global market.

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