IMC Platform and Legacy & Cloud Management Solution, Service and Consulting

IMC Platform Management Life Style (IMC) is composed of four circulation structures such as collect, monitor, analyze / identify, and enforce / control to provide a new infra management life style.
SmartAgent is for collecting the management information of the Legacy & Cloud infra, STRG is for monitoring the collective data intuitively, and SmartGauge analyze and identifies various analysis, performances and disorders. Moreover, SmartSDN enforce and control the application of the analyzed data to operation.


Legacy & Cloud Management Solution

Legacy & Cloud infra management solution is composed of integrated control through SysMaster Suite and CloudMaster Suite. SysMaster Suite is a pro-active OS optimized for the IT infra management used in corporation, financial & public institution and service providers to construct integrated monitoring system for quick disorder response to realize preliminary disorder prevention and quick recovery system. CloudMaster Suite is composed of cloud products and services such as SRTG, SmartAgent, SmartGauge, and SmartSDN for provisioning, disaster recovery, governance control, and automation. Differentiated cloud infrastructure is provided for private clouds and public clouds.


More Details

  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Through the vision of “Ever Infrastructure” Infranics focus on technology excellence, customer satisfaction and value creation to provide solution, service and consulting to their customers. Main features of Infranics Co., LTD are IT infra management, Cloud IT infra managed service & construction, GS certification, specialization in IT infra management, and integrated solution. Since establishment in Year 2000, Infranics focused on the three core business of solution, service, and consulting to provide only the top-quality service and solution

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Infranics Co., LTD’s mission is that all technology exist for the customers, and top-level IT technology must be developed to be supplied and serviced. Through this mission, the company was certified of the affiliated technology research institute in Year 2003, and selected as the export-oriented small-medium company of the year in 2005.
  • Infranics CO., LTD focus on top-level service and solution to be provided to the customers. ECO partnership is maintained with global leaders such as HP, Samsung SDS, Amazon, Blue Coat, Right Scale, and KT.
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