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New-Generation Gray MTA

MARUCHI Co.’s “ENDOCEM MTA” is a revolutionary next-generation mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) product based on the science of pozzolan reactions. The product features quick setting time (four minutes), easy handling with consistent outcomes, excellent sealing capabilities and superb biocompatibility. It exhibits high efficacy not only in apical retro-filling and root perforations, but also in vital pulp therapies such as direct pulp capping. It comes in a 300mg package and can be used at a mixing ratio (P/L) of 300mg/0.12cc.


New-Generation White MTA A next-generation mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) from MARUCHI Co., ENDOCEM Zr ensures minimal discoloration and calcification. The product’s physical properties include enhanced esthetics with a tooth color formula, excellent sealing properties, less discoloration, decreased calcification and superior biocompatibility. One package weighs 300mg and the mixing ratio (P/L) runs 300mg/0.14cc.


More Details

  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • MARUCHI Co. has entered the limelight in 2005 by successfully developing ENDOCEM mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) which was optimized for vital pulp therapies. The company has constructed a batch production line in Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley near Seoul in 2008, to fulfill all processes in a clean room.


Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • MARUCHI Co. has run its own research institute at Hongneung Venture Town in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Seoul since 2012. Through the institute, the company has constantly developed innovative technologies concerning mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) products. It aims to become a world-class dental material company to take the leading role in the development of the global regenerative endodontics field.
  • MARUCHI Co. hs obtained various international certifications for its products, including ISO13485, KGMP and CE. The company also won the foreign approvals such as JPAL (Japan) and TGA (Australia). This year, it acquired FDA approval from the US government for its products (ENDOCEM Zr and ENDOSEAL). At the moment, the firm possesses internationally patented technologies concerning the production of advanced dental materials.
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