Growing into a leading maker in the manufacture of aerosol products mainly for construction in Korea

Extraordinarily talented people

[INQ. NO. 1508C10] “We have grown into a company that records yearly sales of KRW 19 billion while commanding over 40% of the domestic market since 2012.”

SeungHyun ◀ CEO Koh Jae-you

Established in 2005, SeungHyun started its business as a partner company of the German company Henkel Korea with an aim to professionally produce aerosol cans (containers) mainly for construction applications. SeungHyun decided to establish its own business after years of energetic work for Henkel Korea. In the early stage of business, SeungHyun showed aggressive movement for growth risking the founder’s personal and familylevel of inconvenience. 2008, SeungHyun could see two times of growth than before by successfully overcoming the damages of a fire accident and utilizing networks and surrounding business environment. That accident ironically brought a big fortune to the company that it could enjoy the power of a business network and strengthened it on the global range. The founder added, “Before the age of fifty, I promised myself to reshape our company into a small but strong company in the market that our company could feel proud of.”

SeungHyun_1 Now there are many kinds of highly att ractive, competitive aerosol products for the company’s expansion in the global market. An adapter type of tiger form performs more working volume with the tip of the nozzle and new technology. Equipped with both merits of gun type and straw type, the application length of the product can be extended by the density, similar to the gun type. The gun type of tiger form is basically used with a form of gun-applied professional application. It can perform precise application. Convenience in use gives the users benefit in time use. Moreover, less waste & loss are great assets for potential buyers to choose it. Thus, it ensures more yield.

And the company’s tiger foam B1, as a premium flame retardant PU foam, is one of the company’s leading exports, with its four hours of fire rating tested and certified to the latest European standard, DIN 4102 Ptl(B1). It is suitable for fi lling, sealing and insulation of joints and gaps in a variety of fire-rated construction applications.

The multi-purpose brand of tiger easy bond is strongly recommendable and is a one-component, low-density adhesive foam. It is used for installation of insulation panels made of polystyrene foam (also known as polystyrol foam (EPS) on façades and foundations of new construction works as well as for insulating old buildings. It is normally manufactured for installation and insulation of roof tiles, pipes. The founder concluded by saying, “I hope our company will enable me to help the companies who will suffer challenges or crisis they can’t easily overcome on their own in the near future.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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