LED Package Lens and LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Package Lens

People wear different clothing depending on their work style, and different clothing reveals different images. In the case of LED packages the lens plays such a role.

LED-Package-Lenshttp://korean-products.com/inquiry Although chips look the same, their extraction efficiency, view angle, light intensity, and even optical characteristics differ according to the type of lens. As such, the lens plays a critical role.
Developing and supplying silicone and epoxy lenses with diverse designs for LED packages, Chamtech provides the best optical solution for customers.

The several advantages of Chamtech’s LED lens are that it is suitable for mass production with simplified process and cost saving. Also, it minimizes light loss since only one surface has light source interference. It is mainly applicable for automobile side mirror, lamps, TV BLU, mobile sensor and lighting.

LED Outdoor Lighting

Chamtech LED Outdoor Light Lens is designed to meet diverse outdoor circumstances and installation conditions with excellent performance.

LED-Outdoor-Lighting Chamtech Street Light Lens is suitable for various different installation conditions. Because of its own waterproof function, it does not require any separate waterproof material. Also, compared to plastic lenses, the lens has high heat-resistance and does not cause any change in color with the lapse of time. Due to these strengths, it provides cost saving as well as high reliability.

Chamtech Security Light and Projecting Lens is a total reflection lens with high efficiency.
It has over 90% of optical transmission coefficient. Also, because of its high uniformity factor, the lens is able to maintain even illumination distribution and minimize dark zones.

About the Company

Since its foundation in 2000, Chamtech Co., Ltd. has ceaselessly developed technologies with the philosophy of Honest, Quality, and Environmental Management and has been growing into a global optical enterprise. With its know-how of ultra-precision semiconductor molding, and of the development, design and manufacturing of automobile equipment, Chamtech has independently developed its unique optical design technology and molding engineering and now supplies high- quality optical products to clients in various areas. In addition, the company has already established a One-stop System for optimal design, production and supply.

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