New Architectural Culture for an Affluent Life with Polycarbonate Sheet

Single-layer Polycarbonate Sheet

Cleanlight is a single-layer sheet manufactured through extruding, cutting and processing based on polycarbonate resin. Cleanlight is the most common product and excellent at impact resistance and porousness, and frequently used not only in architecture, but also in electric industry effectively creating aesthetic spaces based on free spirit and various colors.

Cleanlight The product is provided in sheet or roll-type, with various colors including, clear, silver, gray, sky blue, dark green, light green, white, blue, brown, etc. The thickness varies from 0.5~10mm as a sheet and maximum of 2,130mm. Cleanlight single-layer polycarbonate sheet is used in Outer walls of a building, ceilings inside and outside, connection passages, sound-proof walls, skylight windows (plants, gymnasiums, swimming pools, schools and etc.), greenhouses and botanical gardens, and many others.


Multi-layer Polycarbonate Sheet

Archilight is a multi-layer sheet manufactured through extruding, cutting and processing based on polycarbonate resin. Archilight has double or triple layer to be excellent in insulation for thickness and solid. The product is widely used in architectural exterior materials that require lighting. In addition, the diffusion of light or visual interruption help create a pleasant interior based on structural uniqueness. Archilight has excellent insulation and impact resistance, diffuses light to prevent glaring, light-weight, possible for free-curved surface construction, and excellent for heat & cold, weather and fire resistance. Archilight multi-layer polycarbonate sheet is used in roof lighting plates of factories, swimming pools, auditoriums, churches, buildings, green houses, walls, aquariums, botanical gardens, canopies, atriums, passage tunnels and indoor partitions in addition to windows and doors of high-rise apartment complexes and safe glasses.


More Details

  • Brand : Cleanlight / Archilight
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Dongshin PolyChem Co., Ltd. has a long history of successfully completing a number of architectural projects in Korea based on the excellent technological power and manpower of the former Dongshin Chemical, Korea’s first specialized producer of polycarbonate sheets. Dongshin PolyChem has also exerted its utmost efforts to create a new architectural culture with automated production, high-quality products, scientific execution, and thorough post-management.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Since establishment in 2001, Dongshin Polychem Co., LTD specialized in the development and manufacture of single-layer and multi-layer polycarbonate (PC) sheets. The company had been acknowledged of the innovative technology and the high-tech facilities, including the approval as the ‘Clean Workplace’ by the Ministry of Labor and Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, and designated as the venture company of new technology by the Chungbuk Regional Small & Medium Business Administration.
  • Dongshin Polychem Co., LTD acquired several certifications including the ISO 9001, 9001, and patents were registered for the skylight collecting plate installation method and for the Archlight and Cleanlight trademark. Also, five designs of the roof-panel joints and architectural-glass joints were registered. The company had been designated by the Small & Medium Business Administration as the “INNO-BIZ” Company.
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