Special Premium Window Film and Nano Technology

Window Film

Filink Co., LTD provide several films for different purposes, and currently, IR Film, AG Film, and Safety Film are supplied. The IR Film is applied as automotive films, commercial and residential films, and the IR Film is composed of SR layer, pet base film, IR layer, adhesive layer, glue and glass.
http://korean-products.com/inquiry The AG film shows the best quality in terms of transparency, adhesion and anti-scratch. AG film is applied to mobile phones, notebook, PDA, car TV, navigation, digital camera, and on the touch screen. The product is composed of the protective film, hard coating, PET base film, adhesive, and the release film. The AG film features excellent transparency, anti-scratch, self-adhesion, and quick transfer. Also, the product provides minimum foreign objects and side effects, and top level SR coating technology is applied. The safety film is applied as automotive films, commercial and residential films. Also, the product is composed of the SR layer, PET base film, glue and glass. The solar transmittance is 77%, visible light transmittance is 90%, and the visible light reflectance is 9%. The film thickness of the safety film is 4mm, and the peel strength is 9.2 N/10mm. The tensile strength is 156 N/10mm.


More Details

  • Brand : Heat Zero, Gen Auto (Ice Hybrid 95)
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Filink Co., LTD was established in 2006, and specialize in the development and manufacture of the films for various purposes. Products such as the mobile AG film, LCD protection film, window film, IR cut dye, IR cut film, and the nano ceramic film were developed by the company. Products are supplied only domestically through the brand GEN, but also to many foreign countries. The company had been acknowledged as the innovative venture company in 2010 by the Korean government. Filink Co., LTD signed an exclusive sales contract for the nano-dispersion SOL with Wooinchemtec.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Filink Co., LTD focus on the technology development for the films. For IR film, the technology enable the reduction of cooling cost in the summer and the heating cost in the winter. Also, the GEN premium IR window film is implemented with world-class technology that is used to develop nano materials. The R&D programs of Filink Co., LTD were acknowledged of its innovative technology to be funded by the government. Recently, the affiliated R&D Center was established to develop new technologies, and also to launch new brands such as the Heat-Zero and Gen-Auto.
  • Filink Co., LTD registered several patents, including the heat block film for regulating indoor temperature, and the blind system applying the heat block film. Also, Filink Co., LTD acquired several certifications, including ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 Certifications.

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