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Various types of wet towel and dishcloth produced in clean and sanitary environment locally with automated machines, Brand name: CCMinT, Models: coin 500, cap 100, ziper 100, capsule 8, cube 7, cap 50, ziper 50, mini-ziper 10, candy 1. Place of manufacturing: Gwangu city in the outskirts of Seoul, Korea.

Coin 500

COIN500http://korean-products.com/inquiry Coin 500, packing inside: vacuum packing, outside: inbox packing, quantity: 500 pcs, weight 2.5kg : fabric : 50g/m2 230x230mm, carton box : 12 set


ziper 100

ziper 100, packing : ziper-bag packing, quantity : 100pcs, weight : 300g, fabric : 50g/m2 230×230(mm), carton box :70 set


Capsule-8Capsule 8

Capsule 8, packing : PTP + OPP packing, quantity : 8pcs, weight : ±24g, fabric : 50g/m2 230×230(mm), carton box :72 set

More Details

  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company


  • After being discharged from his military service, at the young age of 24, a youth started to develop a machine that did not exist anywhere before returning to school for his junior year at his machinery department. Much of the expenses were borne through part-time work and during his completion of the machine, he managed to obtain an investment through an acquaintance for 200 million won. (U$200,000) During development, due to trials and errors, he damaged more than three machines and also fell into traps from a con man of the machinery sector. But that did not hinder his passion and he managed to perfect an automated system and create the first wet towel indigenously.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • With only two years of study at college in a machinery department, the youth managed to perfect a machine that was capable of manufacturing superior wet towels, which was a first locally. Through much study at small and medium sized manufacturing facilities he realized the importance of sanitary manufacturing environment. This was all made possible through tenacious and persistent efforts in one field of technical sector. The youth has now successful created an automated system enabling the only wet towel in Korea
  • Obtaining of ISO 9001-2008, obtaining of the venture corporation certification, notification of sanitary product certification, patent for production device, patent for a product, trademark registration certification and many others

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