Anti-bacterial zipper bag for baby (Vacuumizing zipper bag)

Qria is an expert on the research and development of the antibacterial supplies for baby. Our products are one of the special-antibacterial items for baby and mom’s health and provide the highest safety from the bacteria contamination around the living condition. Qria’s products use new material confronting the bacterial activities and also can be vacuumed instantly. It is best suitable for the human use in daily life and environmental friendly. Using the anti-bacterial zipper bag, the safety from the bacteria with the convenience in daily life is served for the baby and mom. In the authorization reports in Korea, using the anti-bacteria zipper bag, there are no trouble and no toxicity in human mouth, skin, and endocrine disruptor and also permit the use of the anti-bacterial zipper bag with the feel safely.

Anti-bacterial-zipper-bag-for-baby-(Vacuumizing-zipper-bag) Qria is providing the anti-bacterial products for baby and mom with the new anti-bacterial material and do our best for the baby and mom’s health. Also, we are doing our utmost to the human safety and harmless in daily life.

The anti-bacterial zipper bag can be used to the inhibition of bacterial activity in daily life anywhere and also can be vacuumed immediately. It is non-toxic, harmless, and easy use to the human body, especially to baby. Additional advantage of the anti-bacterial zipper bag is the protection of the air contamination such as dust, oxygen permeation, and virus etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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