Baby Goods

K-xidi is engaged in developing, manufacturing and exporting safe, functional baby goods that are easy to use and offer a great deal of convenience for moms and babies. Under its own brand ‘Eagirang’ it mainly provides a feeding bottle, a pacifier, a separated type feeding sheet (cover of separated type), air-tight container and hand breast pump. Air-tight container: It is a light air-tight container which can keep weaning food material fresh and can be warmed in a microwave. (180ml, 240ml, 280ml)

Separated Type Feeding Sheet: As it is ergonomically designed for the curve of a baby’s body, it provides many benefits to both a mom and a baby during breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The concave part of the sheet keeps a baby’s head comfortable and beautiful. It also allows a baby’s legs to be comfortable by supporting the hip by its natural curve. It also prevents back flow of milk. A mother can feel comfortable as the baby’s weight is spread by supporting the neck and hip of the baby stably.

Baby-Goods Functional Feeding Bottle: The Functional Feeding Bottle is designed to prevent unnecessary air inhalation during feeding, making a baby less likely to develop stomach trouble and otitis media. Moreover, if the milk has an ideal feeding temperature for a baby, the color of the lower part of the bottle’s vent flue changes.

Smart Feeding Bottle: Smart Feeding Bottle can be disposable, offering convenience when going out with your baby. In particular, it allows a baby to drink milk in a sitting posture as the milk does not flow down from the bottle that has a vacuum inside, even though it is held upside down. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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