Educational Musical Instruments

Dabell specializes in manufacturing musical instruments for education such as melodyhorns, recorders, glockenspiels, etc. In 2014, Dabell secured the biggest market share in Korea when it comes to these kinds of musical instruments. There are two different types of recorder − German type & Baroque type.

They produce clear, rich and deep sounds, and made in Korea, they guarantee the high quality. The recorder consists of three sections so it easily to disassemble and clean with our cleaning rod.

Moreover, various colors and designs will satisfy the different tastes of users interested in playing recorders.

Educational-Musical-InstrumentsMelodyhorn mainly separate into two different types- Recording Melodyhorn & Normal Melodyhorn. Recording Melodyhorn can record, playback and repeat the music when playing the Melodyhorn. Both two types of Melodyhorn are made in Korea and they are suitable for teaching children. We are very proud of its abundant volume and accurate tone developed with our own techniques and strict quality-control system. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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