Eraser Pad for Blackboard in a Classroom

Global Energy is seriously concerned about the earth that we have to pass down to the next generations, and we have been interested in some problems that we face on a daily basis. One of them is the blackboard and its eraser that are used in class and directly linked with the health of teachers and students. We’ve finally come up with a new eraser pad “MASTER ERASER” for blackboard classes.

Eraser-Pad-for-Blackboard-in-a-Classroom Our eraser pad is made of pretreated natural leather for cleaning of blackboard written with carbonate-chalk.

Advantages of MASTER ERASER
A. It can erase the blackboard clean and fast.
B. It inhales chalk dust when erasing the blackboard.
C. It removes the entire chalk dust of the eraser pad on the spot without dust scattering in a classroom.
D. You can maintain a blackboard longer in a better condition by using our pad. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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