Hand Dryer

Established in 1989, Hankook Towel Machine specialized in manufacturing hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. We have grown as the leading provider of automatic hand dryers, high-speed hand dryers, high-speed automatic hand dryers, stand-type hand dryers, and warm/cool hand dryers in the Korean market and plan to expand our market base to the global market. Our vision is to improve the quality of life for the customer with “Healthy Living through Cleanliness, Value Creation of Restroom Culture and Delightful Restroom Facilities.”We will do our best to provide quality products and customer satisfaction continuously.

Hand-Dryerhttp://korean-products.com/inquiry Main Item: HTM 350 [Infrared LED, ultraviolet interior sterilization]
– Voltage: 220V / 50~60Hz – Material: Fire-retardant ABS
– Power consumption: warm air(2,100W), cold air(1,300W)
– Sensor type: infrared rays sensor
– Weight: 5.5Kg – Measurements: 247(W) x 310(H)x 200(D)
– Safety System: Temperature fuse, Over-current fuse, Auto timer (1minute)
– RPM: high(30,000rpm), low(20,000rpm)
– Wind speed: 150m/s – Noise: 65db and below – Drying time: 5 seconds
– Exterior: UV color coating for preventing color change

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