Non-Toxic Print Ink

Plastisol is a non-toxic print ink for the textile industry that is designed to respond to restrictions on the use of hazardous chemical substances in accordance with chemical control acts such as USA CPSIA, EU RoHS and REACH SVHC 161 chemicals, etc. Especially it has passed the strict regulations on permissible limits of environmental hazardous substances for baby and child products. As it can be used at lower temperature than the existing products, it contributes to reduction of energy and reduction of air pollutants accordingly.

With our own green technology, J.S Bio Kochem was established in 2009 and was certifi ed as a venture business and green business by the Korean government. We also obtained a patent for manufacturing vegetable plasticizer. As a specialized green technology and green enterprise, we manufacture and produce non-toxic Plastisol ink for the textile industry by combining vegetable plasticizer with bio technology.

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