Self adhesive Pad

Eunchang specializes in producing and exporting all kinds of SAP (Self adhesive Pad), which are widely used in various fields, including advertisement, daily articles and so on.

Self-adhesive-Pad Monthly/Yearly Planner 600 x 900mm Big Size
– 1mm-thick foam pad type board – Using 1mm-thick foam pad, the board is little affected by the wall for attachment, provides an excellent feeling of handwriting due to cushion of the foam pad and does not get creased when it is folded for storage.
– A special coating allows you to erase the records cleanly without any colored stain even one month after writing.
– The sticky board is attachable directly to the wall without nailing or taping to the desirable places such as cement wall, wood, marble, etc.

Smart Holder
It is a holder for receipts, documents, magazines and it can be attached directly to wall without tape, nails or magnet. Adhesion is achieved by special silicone which can be attached to and detached from a glass without adhesive. It is a new material to be detached within a second and relocated on the desirable place dozens of times. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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