Waterproof Light & Fireless Portable Heating Cooker

Waterproof Light

LYCAN is light/heating container manufacturer and exporter. And it is being recognized for its product’s superiority in many countries. Also it has a facility for mass-production to offer reasonable prices, so our customer base is rapidly expanding thanks to reliable quality and the bubble-free price.

Waterproof-Light http://korean-products.com/inquiry LycanLight is more then 1000 lumen bright and 100M waterproof, we made mini size that no one is able to make, and still light and durability. Therefore people can use in a variety of leisure and industrial markets.

LycanLight can be used by scuba diving, bicycle, camping, night working and even in fire station, military supply, rescue, and safety items. Lycan has great practical use in a variety of markets, as a great quality, smaller size, cost effective and competitive price better then China within 100m waterproof. LYCAN Mini L2 SIZE: 135 X 25 mm Weight: 103g(without Battery)

Fireless Portable Heating Cooker

Fireless-Portable-Heating-Cooker Even with cold water and Heating pack only without fire, LYCAN COOKOUT enables you to cook all the foods easily. LYCAN COOKOUT easy to use even in subzero temperatures where cannot able to use gas. It can be easily used to cook food not only outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, picnicking but also disaster and emergency cooking kit. SIZE: 230 X 170 X 45(100) mm Weight: 630g

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