Angel Looka Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask Pack “Hold my soft hands”

Angel Looka Heating Hand Pack is intended to keep your hands warm, while at the same time moisturizing and giving nutrition to your rough and chapped hands. While wearing the hand pack, you can use a smart phone or live your daily life without any inconvenience. It is a glove-type pack, hand and hand nail care product. Angel Looka heating hand pack temporarily raises skin temperature in your hands, thus enabling aromatic oils to help skin care in your hands.

Angel-Looka-Ultra-Moisturizing-Hand-Mask-Pack-“Hold-my-soft-hands” After applying a good quality hand moisturizing cream, good ingredients contained therein do not remain long lasting after being removed while you wash your hands or live a daily life. By contrast, Angel Looka Hand Pack containing patented ingredients generates heat deep into the skin and opens pores while at the same time facilitating the circulation of the skin, thereby enabling good ingredients contained in the hand pack to penetrate deep into your skin, keeping it moist and soft for a prolonged period of time.

Angel Aroma Story is a specialized manufacturer of hand/foot packs that enhance the quality of life for people and meet the requirement for the role of companion. The enhancement of the quality of health life is the core value that we give to customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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