Anti-wrinkle Eye Patch & Ice Massager

We usually cannot see the absorbency of general eye creams with our naked eyes. But with the MESO PATCH, you can see how well it is absorbed into skin with your eye and it directly helps improve wrinkles around eyes and lips without a need for using eye cream. MESO PATCH helps deliver ingredients into skin without a pain of injection, with the adoption of biodegradable microstructure where minimally-invasive technique, the task of modern science, is realized. Box package: (0.4g*2)*4 patches Main Ingredients: Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, EGF, Adenosine

ICESTICK is a non-electric personal ice massager for cooling down skin fever, one of the main culprits for swelled face and skin aging. It uses he material for medical device (no allege) and refrigerant harmless to both humans and the environment. It can be used semi-permanently for home care.

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