Beolgyo Cockles

The ark shell is a reprehensive food of Bosung that contains plentiful essential nutrients such as hemoglobin, calcium and taurine. We provide live ark shells during late October and early June, harvesting up to 25 tons of ark shells daily.

Beolgyo-Cockles Beolgyo, located on the southern Korea peninsula is famous for its cockles. The taste and nutrition of the Beolgyo cockles produced in widely clean tidal flats of Beolgyo are so excellent that they have been registered as the No. 1 Geographical Indication System of marine products. Beolgyo cockle is well-known as health food. We place top priority on foods’ quality and the health of customers.

Beolgyo-Cockles_1 Arkshell Can: This is boiled and canned ark shell that we harvested from our farm. It can be simply cooked and it has a shelf life of three years.

Beolgyo Cockle Soybean Paste: Main ingredients: Embryo bud of rice powder, shitake mushrooms, mulberry tree extract by adding various seasonings It is not salty. It won a prize from the Korea Tourism Corporation in 2014

Cockle with Cooked Red Pepper Paste: Main ingredients: 100% domestic red pepper paste, Japanese apricot, sesame, sesame oil, shitake mushrooms, mulberry tree extract. It won a prize from the Korea Tourism Corporation in 2014 | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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