Clothes Accessory Setting Machine

Young Poong Pearl is a producer of accessory attaching machine in South Korea. All of products are manufactured by our own technical expertise and we have patents regarding products in Korea. Our main item is Accessory Setting Machine for Clothes that can be widely used not only for clothes, but also for all kinds of fashion goods like belt, cap, shoes, etc. Particularly, the machine can classify by material. It is easy to use; workers just need to press the pedal for operating. With one machine, you can work for different sizes, materials and shapes by changing ‘Molds,’ into Stud Setting Machine. Setting machine’s material has four nails so material can be attached on the garment by pressing.

Clothes-Accessory-Setting-Machine Imitate Pearl Setting Machine: Prior to this machine invention, people had to attach pearls by glue, and they were likely to take off easily. However, with this machine, people can attach pearls by using ‘pin’ at the back of pearls. It is easy to attach and fasten.

Half Pearl Setting Machine: Operation is almost the same with Pearl Setting Machine, It use the ‘pin’ but this machine can work many kinds of shape like star, cone, square, jewelry.

Young Poong Pearl was founded in 1998 for the purpose of professional development, manufacture and sale of machinery with which rhinestone, decorative stud, artificial pearls and various accessories are attached to clothing, shoes, hat, belt, wallet, ribbon, etc.

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