Drip Bag Coffee (4 types)

Hello Morning drip bag coffee(9x8Ea) has a great aroma with fresh taste of each coffee bean orgin. The products consist of Early bird, After lunch, Calm down and Over time. It is the easier way to make fresh hand drip coffee. The product has 8 drip bags and each drip bag has 9g of gorund coffee. It could be used everywhere, like camping, hiking fising, office, and home.

http://korean-products.com/inquiryEarly bird is roasted with Colombia Supremo that is a morning coffee with a mild taste with a good aroma. The cup-shaped logo represents 8AM. The color means power that helps people start work actively. After lunch is a blending coffee with Brazil Santos and Colombia Supremo. This is a bit strong coffee that helps people from drowsiness after a meal. The cup-shaped clock indicates 1PM. The yellow means concentration. the color helps people focus on their work.


Calm down is a coffee from Papua New Guinea. The product mainly gives idea of healing for people who is tired of work in the afternoon. The cup-shaped logo indicates 4PM. Sour and sweet nutty taste relieve stress and sky blue color relieve worry and anxiety.

Over time is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. The coffee is fruity and has a scent of flower that makes people relax. Low caffeine coffee for night before sleep. The cup-shaped logo shows 9PM, and pink color gives warm and peaceful.

Chang & Hong Tea Co., Ltd. is a food & beverage trading company selling tea, coffee, and desserts. We have a partner that owns the famous green tea field in South Korea. We especially focus on a good quality, a reasonable price, and an excellent package design when we develop products.

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